Client Testimonials

John Macdonald - Director Pro-Scot

“Brenda is a highly-experienced lawyer with an exceptionally high level of expertise in motorcycle accident law – but that’s not the only reason people like being represented by Brenda.  Brenda’s very open-minded, very approachable – and passionate about her role as a motorcycle accident lawyer. And she really cares about her clients. To me, that’s what makes Brenda Mitchell special" more

Scott Jones

“Changing lawyers was quite simple – and I knew almost immediately that I’d made a good decision.  Brenda was very professional but also very friendly and it really made a difference that she knew about motorbikes as I didn’t have to keep explaining the logistics of the crash" more

Patrick Brogan

“Within a few days of appointing Brenda Mitchell as my legal representative, she’d made more progress than my previous solicitor had in months. I’d suffered multiple injuries in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t my fault. However, before I spoke to Brenda Mitchell, it looked highly probable I was going to lose my compensation claim, even though I’d been hit by a car travelling in the opposite direction which had turned directly in front of me without warning or any indication" more

Rodger Anderson

“Brenda called me regularly to explain what was happening with my case, she always answered or returned my calls and she arranged for me to be seen by various medical specialists. With Brenda, I always felt I was on the top of the pile and every time I spoke to her, I felt something else had been done to push matters forward" more

Karen Holmes

"With Brenda on my side, I felt I had a good chance of winning my cases – and, in December 2011, I was awarded substantially more for both personal injury claims than I’d ever imagined possible!
Brenda is my knight in shining armour. She’s so down to earth, so easy to talk to and, as she’s a motorcyclist, she knows what we have to put up with. I can’t sing Brenda’s praises high enough!” more

Iain Philp

"I received an excellent, highly personal service from Motorcycle Law Scotland and, in particular, Brenda Mitchell. Brenda’s so approachable and friendly - and knows exactly what she’s talking about with regard to the law and to motorcycles. It was good to have Brenda fighting my corner.” more

Billy Mackenzie

"I suffered severe soft tissue injuries to my right shoulder, right calf and left forearm and my bike sustained considerable damage so I immediately contacted my insurance company. However, although the accident clearly wasn’t my fault, they told me I couldn’t make a claim as I only had insurance cover for 3rd party, fire and theft! All in all, the service I received from Brenda and Motorcycle Law Scotland couldn’t have been better. I liked how efficiently Brenda dealt with every aspect of my case and I also liked her realistic, honest approach. Brenda covered all the bases, ensured I was fully informed, always found time to talk to me, understood about motorcycling and fought my corner" more

Lauren McGovern

"Brenda was highly professional, kept me informed throughout the process and, as she’s a motorcyclist, knew exactly what I was talking about. I had every confidence in the service provided by the Motorcycle Law Scotland team and, a month ago, received a cheque for £4,000, which is, I feel, fair compensation for loss of work, my damaged bike gear and my injuries." more

Willie and Doreen Newall

"My case was resolved as quickly as possible, even though the other insurance company tried to drag its heels - Brenda was like a wee terrier! In fact, it was all resolved, in my favour, within five months of the accident, which I was very pleased with." more

Daniel Goldie

"My injuries had prevented me from taking up the offer of a job and my bike had been written off so I reckoned I had to be entitled to compensation – but, several months later, I’d still not heard anything from my insurance company.

I’m very happy with the service provided by MLS. And, as a biker, it made such a difference to me that every member of the MLS team really knows about bikes" more

Albert Roberts

"I was much more confident about winning my case after speaking to Brenda, especially when she explained that, as well as specialising in motorcycle accidents, she’s also a motorcyclist." more

Vikki Halliday

"I first heard about about Motorcycle Law Scotland a couple of years ago when I entered one of their competitions and won tickets to the British Superbikes at Knockhill" about Vikki's case and its outcome here 

Adam Cowie

"A year after my insurance company appointed a solicitor to deal with my claim for motorcycle accident compensation, I was no further forward.......then the manager at my local motorbike shop suggested I contact Brenda Mitchell at Motorcycle Law Scotland.... read more 

Marcia Ferreira

"Vulnerable and lost in essentially a foreign country following a traumatic car versus motorcycle accident, and in need of help to understand what to do next and where to turn, Brenda Mitchell and her team helped me on that successful journey to justice and wellness" more

Bob Crawley

"Hopefully you will never be in the position whereby you are involved in a road traffic collision and require the services of Motorcycle Law Scotland, but if circumstances dictate that you require legal representation, I cannot recommend Brenda Mitchell of MLS highly enough." read more


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