Motorcycle Law Scotland act for MAG members

MLS with MAG at Scottish Motorcycle ShowThe appointment of MLS to MAG’s recently launched Legal Forum will give its 67,000 members access to expert help and advice should they be involved in a road traffic collision in Scotland. It follows the poor experience recounted by many members who, having had an accident, found themselves in the hands of an ‘appointed lawyer’ nominated by their insurance company, who had no or very little knowledge of riding motorcycles.

Motorcycle Law Scotland consists of a team of specialist lawyers led by Brenda Mitchell, herself a keen motorcyclist, who understand the intricacies of riding a motorcycle on today's busy roads. The deal negotiated for MAG is based on expert guidance and affordability and will provide members with free specialist legal representation, replacement helmet and protective clothing and medical expenses.

Cheryl Rowlands, chair of the MAG Legal Forum said: “This deal enables MAG members to get specialist legal advice and assistance in the unfortunate event of a road traffic incident or collision resulting in injury. Too often we hear of members who have reported their accident to their insurer, only to then find themselves being represented by an “appointed solicitor” who may or may not have experience of riding motorcycles.

“For MAG, it’s important our members get the specialist expert help and advice necessary to secure the best outcome from proceedings. Motorcycle Law Scotland’s Lawyers know what powered two wheelers are all about and based on their experience, if they think you have a greater than 50% prospect of success, they will take your case on, fund all expenses required to support the case at no cost to you, thus ensuring access to Justice with no financial risk.

Brenda Mitchell of MLS added: “As a keen motorcyclist, I understand motorcycle dynamics and control and so we get the technical side of riding but, just as important, our specialist team has the requisite experience and expert knowledge of the law to secure the very best results. The fact we’re enthusiasts is both a benefit and comfort to our motorcycling clients and it’s what differentiates us from other Personal Injury Lawyers including those appointed by Insurers as panel Solicitors.”

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