Think once, think twice, think bike.

On a beautiful day on 14th June 2017, Liam left Penicuik heading for Peebles on his Harley Davidson 883 motorcycle. Its headlight was on as it is activated by the ignition.

Visibility was excellent and the road surface was dry. In fact, it was a perfect day for a wee run.

On approach to the crossroads at the Leadburn Inn, Liam noticed a Peugeot heading towards him on the opposite carriageway. Unconcerned, but remaining cautious, Liam throttled off. The driver wasn’t indicating right and now both car and motorcycle were almost at the junction itself.

Liam's damaged HarleyIn a split second, the car turned right across Liam’s path. The car hit the front of Liam’s bike and Liam crashed to the ground.

Police and paramedics arrived promptly. Liam needed hospital treatment for an injury to his right foot and wrist. The fracture to his wrist was treated with a splint and pain medication. He was absent from work for 3 weeks.

On recommendation from Iain Dempster, owner of the Leadburn Inn and a passionate motorcyclist himself, Liam contacted Motorcycle Law Scotland for help.

Within 5 months, Liam received compensation for his injuries and losses to include a replacement helmet and new protective clothing.

Liam was delighted with the result commenting:

"I would also just like to say that I am more than happy with the work Brenda and her colleagues carried out on my behalf. I was always kept informed of how the case was progressing, and I believe that all the work done was carried out for the sole intention of my benefit. I would just like to thank Motorcycle Law Scotland for the great work they have done."

Drivers must take more care, especially on approach to junctions. Watch out for motorcyclists. Think once, think twice, think bike to avoid incidents like this one.


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