If you have suffered injury in a motorcycle accident due to the fault of another, you may have a personal injury claim for motorcycle injury compensation for loss injury and damage. To have a personal injury claim, you (or a loved one) must have been injured due to the negligence of another.

The type and cause of the motorcycle injury may vary greatly depending on the circumstances of your case. Motorcycle Law Scotland will assess your prospects of success at the outset and will provide you with clear options on how best to recover the maximum monetary value of your claim for motorcycle accident compensation in the shortest possible time.

Once you've given Motorcycle Law Scotland the go-ahead to proceed with your claim, we willFor motorcyclists by motorcyclists consider the evidence and fully investigate your case. Photographs, eyewitness accounts and police reports will be taken into consideration and we might also ask you to undergo a medical examination so we can determine the extent of any injuries or long term damage you may have sustained in the accident.

At the outset, we will submit a claim to the party at fault or their insurance company detailing your case against them and requesting they admit liability.

If liability is admitted, we will value your claim based on the injuries sustained, damage to your motorcycle and motorcycle equipment, any expenses incurred and loss of income. We will submit our valuation of your claim to your opponent’s insurance company. We will invite them to make an offer based on our assessment of your claim. When an offer is received, we will provide you with clear advice on whether to accept or reject the offer. If we feel the offer is too low, we will recommend that you raise proceedings in court, at no cost or risk to you.

If liability is disputed and we consider you have a 50% prospect of success, we will raise proceedings in court which, thanks to our no win no fee policy, would be undertaken at no cost or risk to you.

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