At Motorcycle Law Scotland, we will deal with your claim efficiently and effectively and in the shortest possible time without risking the success of your case or the value of your claim.

We will provide you with realistic timescales at the outset. If you have made a full recovery from your injuries, you can expect to have your case dealt with within six months. Where you have not made a full recovery, we will assess the value of your claim when we know the full extent of your injuries and any long term consequences.

Once the claim has been submitted to your opponent’s insurance company, they have 12 weeks in which to concede or deny liability. During that period, we will fully prepare your case.

For motorcyclists by motorcyclistsIf the case has to be raised in court, we will provide you with a realistic timescale regarding the court case and will keep you updated on the progress of your claim. We will be only too happy to explain any of the legal aspects of your case.

You may be looking at our site and thinking you haven’t heard from your own Lawyer regarding your motorcycle accident claim. It is important for any Lawyer to set out expectations at the beginning of a case. There may be times when you feel “nothing is happening" but if your Lawyer is waiting on a medical report, little progress can be made until that report is available. You should, however, receive regular updates from your Lawyer. Your Lawyer may have been “appointed" by your insurance company and you may feel there is no real interest in your case or in you as a client. This is exactly what Patrick Brogan experienced. If that is the case, discuss your claim with your Lawyer but if you remain dissatisfied, please feel free to call Motorcycle Law Scotland for an initial no-obligation telephone conference or meeting.

The Legal Process can take some time but at MLS we set out the timescales clearly and communicate effectively. We care about our clients. We are not a “panel" solicitor appointed by Insurance companies. We are here for you, when you need us, where you need us..

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