For some injured motorcyclists, the provision of prompt, specialist rehabilitation may enable them to return to work sooner or get back on their bike quicker than expected. If you or your loved one has suffered more serious injuries, rehabilitation may help to improve quality of life, make certain everyday tasks possible and considerably increase independence.

We subscribe to the Rehabilitation Code of Best Practice, which encourages insurers and personal injury lawyers to work together from the start of a case to consider the rehabilitation requirements of the claimant. As a result, rehabilitation is one of the first issues we discuss with our clients, with the aim of ensuring they receive the specialist services they require to improve their quality of life as soon as possible.

When we are representing someone who has been seriously injured or has suffered an injury which will benefit from rehabilitation, whenever necessary, we arrange for top medical experts to ascertain the full extent of the injuries and detail any rehabilitation and/or specialist treatment requirements and we also apply for interim funding to cover any necessary counselling, transport and/or rehousing needs.

A Rehabilitation Case Manager, who is medically qualified, will assess your needs and produce a report which goes to both Motorcycle Law Scotland and the defender’s insurance company. We will agree with the insurance company the action to be taken and help you get the best treatment, resources and vocational help to get you back to work more quickly than would otherwise be the case. This is quite separate from and does not in any way affect your compensation and the cost will normally be paid by the insurance company.

We work closely with Proclaim CARE and Proclaim CARE Vocational Services, who have expertise in providing rehabilitation on cases involving motorcyclists and their pillion riders who have been injured in a motorcycle accidents. You can visit their web site at

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