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Following a motorcycle crash, it’s important to seek good legal advice, preferably from an expert in Motorcycle Accident Law. Motorcycle Law Scotland aims to provide motorcyclists injured in motorcycling road traffic collisions, through no fault of their own, with a specialist service.

The Team at Motorcycle Law Scotland are able to cover the whole of Scotland from offices across the length and breadth of the country.

We are passionate about providing the best possible service to our clients. We believe Motorcycle Law Scotland is the first and only legal service in Scotland dedicated to offering motorcyclists legal advice and representation.

Brenda Mitchell

Brenda Mitchell - Motorcycle LawyerBrenda is the founder and Senior Partner at Motorcycle Law Scotland. Living in the Borders, Brenda tends to work in the Peebles office most of the time but travels to meet and consult with clients all over Scotland.

She has been a Personal Injury Lawyer for 30+ years and has specialised in representing motorcyclists who have been in involved in non-fault road traffic collisions for many years. She now concentrates on catastrophic and complex cases such as  spinal injury, brain injury or amputation.

Brenda rides a Yamaha Tracer 900GT. She is also an IAM Advanced motorcycle rider.

You can read more about Brenda here.

Jodi Gordon

Jodi Gordon - PartnerJodi is a Partner at Motorcycle Law Scotland.

Jodi lives in Edinburgh but splits her time between Edinburgh, Glasgow and Peebles.

Jodi specialises in the more complex and catastrophic injury cases with particular expertise in amputations, orthotics and prosthetics.

You can find out a little more about Jodi here.

Roz Boynton

Roz Boynton - Associate SolicitorRoz is an Associate for Motorcycle Law Scotland heading up our Aberdeen office.

Roz has a CBT licence and is planning her direct access.

Find out more about Roz here.

 Thomas Mitchell

Thomas Mitchell - SolicitorThomas is a Senior Solicitor in the Motorcycle Law Scotland team.

He has a full direct access licence and is also an IAM Advanced F1rst Driver

To find out more about Thomas, go here.



Zara Jones

Zara Jones - SolicitorZara is a Senior Solicitor in the Motorcycle Law Scotland team.

To find out more about Zara, go here.



Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward - Head of Legal SupportAndrew is Head of Legal Support providing administrative support to the team.

Living and working in the Borders allows Andrew to indulge his passion for motorcycling on some of the best roads in Scotland.

Find out a little more about Andrew here


Ewen Stewart

Ewen Stewart - Legal AssistantEwen is a Legal Assistant supporting the team.

His career has encompassed working within the Police force, the Insurance industry and more recently within his own investigations company. 

Find out more about Ewen here.

Lee Fisher

Lee Fisher - Legal Assistant

Lee is a Legal Assistant supporting the team.

He works with our team of motorcycling solicitors to investigate collisions and establish fault and negligence.

Lee was a member of Police Scotland's Road Policing Unit on road patrol duties for 21 years and he attended, investigated and reported on numerous fatal and serious road collisions over that period.

Find out more about Lee here.

 Rod Mitchell 

Rod Mitchell - Marketing DirectorRod is Marketing and Business Development Director.

Find out more about Rod here.