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Appoint a specialist motorcycle Lawyer.

Appointing a specialist Lawyer of your choice at the start makes sense. Read more here.

Phil Greig.

Motorcyclist Phil Greig (49) from Banchory, Aberdeenshire broke his back in a collision with a car as he headed out for a summer ride with a friend on 24th May 2009. Read more here.

Graham Clark.

Graham Clark, 56, was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident in October 2011. A collision with a VW Passat on the A96, Aberdeen to Inverurie dual carriageway, left him with numerous fractures as well as a traumatic brain injury. Read Graham's story here.

Watch out for black ice.

Motorcyclist comes off his motorcycle on black ice and injures himself. The council who have a duty of care to all road users denied responsibility saying they had gritted the road. Read the full story here to find out what happened.

4X4 and trailer block motorcyclist's path.

Adam was involved in a collision on his motorcycle when a Hilux 4x4 and large 30ft trailer pulled out in front of him when exiting from a field on the A72 just past the entrance to Glentress. To find out what happened to him and what how his case was handled, read here >>>>>

SMIDSY is just not good enough.

A trainee motorcyclist is under instruction when a car suddenly pulls out from a junction onto a main road and collides with the trainee who is injured as a result. The young female driver claimed she just didn't see the motorcyclist. SMIDSY is really not a valid excuse for careless driving especially when there are vulnerable road users out there sharing the road. Read more here >>>>.

Civil Legal system works whilst Criminal Justice system fails.

Rebecca was riding her motorcycle in the Falkirk area in October 2013 and was taken out on a roundabout by a van which collided with her. Whilst the Civil claim was successful, the Criminal trial was dropped due to lack of evidence. Read here to understand why this can sometimes happen and what the differences are between Criminal and Civil Law.

In a hurry is no excuse for not looking.

Alex first came across Motorcycle Law Scotland in March 2013 at the Scottish Motorcycle Show at Ingliston where he had an opportunity to meet specialist motorcycle lawyer, Brenda Mitchell, and discuss the motorcycle accident in which he had been involved back in October 2012. You can read about Alex's case here >>>>

Rear end shunt.

A motorcyclist returning from having completed his Mod 2 motorcycle test is rear end shunted by a car driver who fails to stop at the entrance to a roundabout. Find out what happened here >>>>

Rear end shunt by another motorcyclist.

An experienced motorcycle instructor is rear end shunted by another motorcyclist who failed to brake in time. Motorcycle Law Scotland get a settlement which is 10x the original offer. Read here to find out what happened.

Driver found “Not Guilty

A driver is found "not guilty" but his insurance company has to pay full compensation to an injured motorcyclist. Read the full story and explanation here >>>>

Insufficient signage and loose chippings.

Insufficient signage can lead to crashes especially when loose chippings are involved. Read what happened to this motorcyclist here >>>>

Taxi cuts across motorcyclist.

A taxi cuts up a motorcyclist in front of several credible witnesses but Insurance Company still refuses to admit liability. Find out what eventually happened here >>>>

Adam Wagner receives substantial damages 6 years after losing his leg.

Young motorcyclist, Adam Wagner, wins substantial damages 6 years after losing his leg in a collision with a milk tanker which was reversing into a farm entrance late at night in the dark. Read more here >>>>

Criminal Justice system fails family of motorcyclist killed trying to avoid a school minibus.

Brian Allan was tragically killed following an incident involving a school minibus which was trying to turn into a lay-by. You can read what happened here >>>>

Specialist motorcycling Lawyer will fight your case.

Ian was injured when a car took him out at a junction when he was turning right. He received a payment for his damaged bike and also got a payment for wage loss but when it came to his injuries, the third party insurer went quiet. Read on >>>

The Importance of Wearing Full Protective Clothing.

A motorcycle mechanic was involved in a motorcycle accident in October 2014. He was riding a Triumph Daytona 955 when the collision happened. Read more here >>>

Tractor turns directly into the path of an overtaking motorcycle.

Barry commenced to overtake a slow moving tractor only to then find it turn right directly across his path. Find out what happened here >>>

In the agony of the moment and Highway Code Rule 126.

On the 30th August 2014, Elizabeth was riding her motorcycle, a Yamaha R6, with her friend travelling south on the A85 towards Callendar. As she rode around a sharp left hand bend, she suddenly came across a VW Transporter sitting stationary on her carriageway. Read on to find out what happened. >>>

Roundabout infringement - a case of split liability.

On 31st August 2014, Mags was riding her motorcycle between St Boswells and Galashiels. Mags was involved in a collision with another car as both the vehicle and motorcycle crossed lanes. Both parties were deemed equally at fault. Read the full story here >>> 

Even the best riders can fall victim to negligent drivers.

John was riding home from work when a car suddenly entered the roundabout from his left without stopping. It transpired that the driver had been drinking. Read the full story >>>

Insurance is compulsory for a reason. 

Lucy was a pillion on her husband's Kawasaki motorcycle when he suddenly lost balance and the bike fell over injuring Lucy. Read what happened to Lucy and understand why insurance (minimum 3rd party) is required for a motorcycle. >>>

Feel like a number, feel like a stranger.

Colin was involved in a serious road traffic collision whilst riding his Harley Davidson Electra Glide motorcycle. His insurer appointed him a solicitor to deal with his personal injury claim but he soon realised he needed specialist representation who would treat him as a person and not just a number. Fortunately for Colin, he ended up in the right place thanks to some help from his friends. You can read his full story here >>>

Cows on the road cause motorcycle collision and subsequent injury to the rider

Insecure gate used by the cows to escapeRob was extremely unlucky to encounter some cows who had escaped from their field onto the road and were in his path. He tried to avoid them but unfortunately clipped one with his hand and was thrown from his motorcycle. He suffered a serious injury to his dominant right hand. Liability was not disputed but setllement was delayed in order to fully assess the potential long term impact of the injury. Read Rob's story here >>>

From Lisbon to Glasgow then....Marcia Ferreira  

Marcia rode her motorcycle all the way from Lisbon to Glasgow without incident. The following day whilst travelling to work, a car pulled out from a garage car wash without looking and struck Maria with her left leg taking the full force. Read Marcia's story here >>>

From £5k to £50, that's the difference.James Hill's Collision Locus

James was involved in a road traffic collision when a car driver travelling in the opposite direction overtook another vehicle on a blind bend and, despite taking evasive action, he couldn't avoid clipping her nearside mirror and being thrown from his motorcycle. After 4 days in hospital, he got home and was contacted by his insurer's appointed solicitor. He never met her. She told James his case was worth £5k. He was not convinced and on the advice of some motorcycling friends, James contacted specialist motorcycle Lawyer, Brenda Mitchell, at Motorcycle Law Scotland. His case was finally settled for £50k. Read James' story here >>>

It matters that you're a specialist.

Michael Gibson Accident LocusMichael badly injured his leg when losing control of his motorcycle. He sought advice from a leading personal injury firm who advertised they specialised in motorcycle accident claims. However, he was left disappointed when, after 2 years, his case was turned down. He then contacted Motorcycle Law Scotland. Read what happened >>>

Think bus lane, think motorcyclist!

Link to Jethro's case StudyJethro was badly injured when a car pulled directly across his path whilst he was proceeding (legally) along the bus lane in Edinburgh. Motorists need to be aware that bus lanes can be used not just by buses and taxis, but also by cyclists and motorcyclists. Read what happened to Jethro and how Motorcycle Law Scotland helped him get back on his feet >>>

Taxi driver's view is obscured

Farm EntranceMarc was involved in a nasty collision with a taxi on a rural road when it exited from a farm and turned right without having full view of potential oncoming traffic. Marc was unhappy with his insurer and their appointed solicitor and so he contacted Motorcycle Law Scotland on the advice of a friend. Read Marc's story here >>>

Surveillance by insurers is not uncommon

Richard was riding to work along West Main street, Blackburn when a carWest Main Street and Mill Road Junction suddenly pulled out across his path giving him nowhere to go. He collided with the vehicle and suffered significant injuries which would affect his ability to do his job. The third party insurers proved difficult to deal with and even instructed video surveillance of Richard with his family. Read the full story here >>> 

Driver out of control on a bend

Bob Crawley was involved in a high-energy motorcycling collision that left himBob Crawley - Expert Motorcyclist with severe and life-changing injuries. The third-party driver, having lost control of his vehicle, suddenly swerved onto the opposite carriageway and directly into Bob’s path. He was unable to take evasive action and a head-on collision occurred. It is thought that both vehicles were travelling at around 60mph, and the impact was accordingly catastrophic. Read the full story here >>>

Think once, think twice, think bike!

Liam McCrory was involved in a road traffic collision onLeadburn Junction Collision his Harley Davidson 883 when a car pulled across his path at the infamous Leadburn junction. Drivers must take more care, especially on approach to junctions. Watch out for motorcyclists. Think once, think twice, think bike to avoid incidents like this one. Read the full story here >>>

Air Ambulance saved my life

James Millar was involved in a serious motorcycle collision in August 2015 at James Millar Collision Locusthe Lix Toll Garage on the A85 between Lochearnhead and Crianlarich. James suffered two cardiac arrests and was taken to hospital by air ambulance. He was given a 1% chance of survival when he left the collision scene. Read James' story here >>>

Another SMIDSY Victim

Jamie was riding his motorcycle at slow speed through Thurso's town centre onJamie White's Collision Locus in Thurso 11th May 2017 when a young, novice car driver suddenly turned straight across his path knocking him off his motorcycle. This is a very common type of incident when the car driver simply does not see the motorcyclist. It is known as a SMIDSY (Sorry Mate I Didn't See You). Read Jamie's story here >>> 

Knowing your client is key 

Colin was involved in his first serious motorcycling incident in August 2016 after over 50 years ofColin Nicol incident free riding. On the way home from a perfect day riding with a friend on Royal Deeside, he was side swiped by a Volvo 4x4 which came barrelling round a partially blind bend on his side of the road. Read Colin’s full story here >>>

Fighting for justice

The difference we made was quite simple. When we first met James, he was James McCormick's Collision Locus an injured motorcyclist through no fault of his own. He had been told to accept 50% of the blame by a panel solicitor he had never met. He was confused and unhappy. We turned that around by treating James as an individual not a file number. He had his own quite specific injuries. His case was unique and like no other. That attitude to all of our cases means we can make the difference. Read James's full story here >>>

Motorcyclist hits vehicle in front - NO presumption of negligence

On 29th May 2016, Leslie O'Donnell crashed into the back of a car which suddenly executed anLes O'Donnell RTC emergency stop. He could do nothing about it. He was encouraged by his panel solicitor to settle his case 80/20 in favour of the car driver. Unhappy with the recommendation, he luckily found Motorcycle Law Scotland who believed he had a good case and took it over. The rest is history. Read what happened and how Leslie got awarded 100% of his damages in Court here >>>

Disillusioned with panel solicitor after rear end shunt

In August 2015, James was involved in a serious motorcycle incident near James Masson collisionFraserburgh on the A98. He was riding his Yamaha R6 motorcycle that he had only just bought 11 days before. He was stationary at temporary traffic lights with both feet on the ground when a car crashed into him from behind. James sustained multiple injuries including a shoulder dislocation fracture, fractures to his right hand and fractures in his spine. After two years of inactivity, James sacked his panel solicitor and contacted Motorcycle Law Scotland. Read how we helped James here >>> 

Jet patching causes motorcycle crash

John is an experienced motorcyclist from Elgin. He was out for a run on his Triumph Explorer when Jet Patching Machinehe suddenly came upon loose chippings as a result of some jet patching to the road which had been executed badly. He came off his bike and sustained injuries to his foot, ankle, knees and rib cage. The problem had been the lack of signage to warn John of the road conditions ahead. The Council denied liability but this did not deter Motorcycle Law Scotland who were able to prove negligence on the Council's part. Read the full case study to see how >>>

Road surface defect causes crash and nasty injuries 

Alasdair was out for a leisurely ride on his Suzuki Bandit 650cc when he encountered a series of Actionable defect being measured at >40mmpotholes on the road which caused him to lose control of his bike and crash into a rocky verge. He sustained a number of nasty injuries and spent 8 days in hospital. Fortunately for Alasdair, his father went to the locus and took photos and measurements of the defect which had caused the crash. These showed that the pothole was an actionable defect over 40mm in depth and should have been picked up under inspection and repaired within 24hrs. This had clearly not been done. Read the full case study to see how we established that records for this particular defect had somehow disappeared from the Council's repair programme. >>>

Insurer's panel solicitor undervalues claim

John was involved in a motorcycle collision just close to his home. Motorcycle Collision LocusHis insurer's panel solicitor wrote to him to say his case was worth between £4-5K but given his injuries, damage and loss, he was unhappy with this valuation. He contacted Motorcycle Law Scotland and we assessed his claim at £22,391. His case was eventually settled for the sum of £18,125 which is more than 4 times the initial valuation he was provided with. Read the full case study to see exactly what was different about our approach and valuation process.>>>

Motorcyclist side-swiped by car

Ian was riding his motorcycle through a small village in Fife when a car suddenly pulled out from a Ian McDougall Collision Locusparking space and side swiped him off his motorcycle and onto the road. Ian was quite badly injured and his bike written off even though it was a relatively low speed collision. Ian was self employed, unable to work and therefore had no income. He was also having problems agreeing a fair valuation for his damaged bike. Read the full case study to see how we helped him >>>

Odds staked against injured motorcyclist but justice prevails

James was riding his white Triumph Daytona 675R motorcycle on the A822 Mulvanny Collision Locusfollowing behind his father. He overtook a Landrover Discovery 2 and returned to his own carriageway but as he came to the brow of a hill, a car suddenly pulled across his path. James was charged by the Police for dangerous driving for speeding and overtaking near to a junction. He eventually pled guilty to a charge of careless driving and then contacted Motorcycle Law Scotland to progress a Civil claim against the car driver. Read the full case study to see how we got on >>>

Roundabout Infringement - 2 against 1

Jim was riding his sports bike and was injured when forced off his bike by a Porsche on the KingswellJim's Collision Locuss roundabout on the outskirts of Aberdeen. A motorcyclist will always come off worse in a tussle with a car on a roundabout, even at relatively low speed. From the outset, the Porsche driver’s insurers denied liability altogether stating that it was in fact Jim who had strayed into the nearside lane and collided with the Porsche. The Porsche driver had a passenger in his vehicle who supported this position. Find out what happened and how we won Jim's case >>>






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