Another SMIDSY victim

Jamie White Collision Locus in ThursoJamie was riding his motorcycle at slow speed through Thurso's town centre on 11th May 2017 when a young, novice car driver suddenly turned straight across his path knocking him off his motorcycle. This is a very common type of incident when the car driver simply does not see the motorcyclist. It is known as a SMIDSY (Sorry Mate I Didn't See You).

Despite the relatively slow speed collision, Jamie suffered a broken fibula and soft tissue damage to his knees and back. This resulted in considerable time in a wheelchair, time off work and a need for rehabilitation. Jamie's S1000R Sport was also a complete write-off and all of his motorcycle clothing had to be cut off.

On a recommendation of a friend at Moray Coast Motorcycle Club, Jamie contacted specialist motorcycle Lawyer, Brenda Mitchell at Motorcycle Law Scotland rather than using his Insurers’ appointed solicitors. He was glad he did.

Brenda went to see Jamie a few days later over a weekend and explained that she was a biker herself and totally understood, both physically and mentally, what he was going through.

She explained everything clearly; what Jamie should expect to happen, a prospective timescale for each step of the legal process and the information he needed to retain to support the case. She also emphasised the importance of instructing an early 'Needs Assessment' as it would be key to the rehabilitation process and Jamie making a complete and full recovery from his injuries.

Jamie was able to get access to hydrotherapy treatment which helped greatly and enabled him to get back to work sooner than expected.

Throughout the process, Brenda and the team at MLS regularly communicated with Jamie and his wife answering any questions that arose. They dealt with any issues as swiftly and decisively as possible and were able to alleviate any worries that Jamie had at the time.

Jamie ultimately received a fair compensation settlement for his injuries, his loss of earnings, monies that had to be spent on hiring a wheelchair, other medical aids and home care. He was also able to buy brand new kit so that he could enjoy his new S1000XR.

Jamie was delighted with the outcome and had this to say: "I can't thank Brenda and all the team at Motorcycle Law Scotland enough. They all made a huge difference to me and my wife at a horrible time."

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