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A motorcyclist had been riding his motorcycle heading away from Drumnadrochit on the A82.

Drumnadrochit on the A82He was out for a short run in order to ensure the motorcycle was in good working order prior to selling it the next day. After completing a lifesaver and ensuring it was safe to overtake, he commenced an overtaking manoeuvre to pass a slow moving tractor travelling in front of him. The tractor was not indicating but as the motorcyclist attempted to pass, the tractor driver suddenly turned right into a farm entrance to his offside, turning directly into the overtaking motorcyclists path. 

The motorcyclist tried to react by braking heavily but knowing there would be an impact he pushed the bike away. He went down and hit the ground with his right shoulder.

He suffered a fracture to his left humerus and a four part spiral fracture to his right shoulder. He had soft tissue injuries to his right ankle and elbow. He required surgery and was in hospital for ten days.

When this motorcyclist came to us he had been represented by a firm of solicitors appointed by his insurance company and had never met his lawyer despite the seriousness of the injuries. Perhaps even more disturbing was they had advised him to settle on a 50/50 basis and, if he did not do so, he would have to cover the costs of a court action if the case went against him. In other words, settle for 50% as they were not prepared to battle it out .

Not able to understand why, according to his solicitors, he was to blame for the accident he thankfully appointed Motorcycle Law Scotland.

We took on his case and the risk associated with it. We raised proceedings in Court, and were able to settle the case just under full liability for £17,500.

This is his letter of appreciation which makes our job so worthwhile.

"Dear Brenda,
I am just writing to thank you and your team for all your hard work and effort in finalising a settlement for my motorcycle claim.
Throughout this time, I have always felt fully confident that you were acting in my best interest. I have appreciated your open and honest approach during all our conversations.
As we both know, accidents of this nature do happen. It is reassuring to know that there are people like yourself that are prepared to listen and make a professional judgement based on the facts and not one that is just governed by financial gain to yourself or your company.
Once again, thank you and all the very best for the future."

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