4x4 and long trailer block motorcyclist's path

Adam was involved in a collision on his motorcycle when a Hilux 4x4 and large 30ft trailer pulled out in front of him when exiting from a field on the A72 just past the entrance to Glentress.Main Peebles to Innerleithen Road by Glentress 

Even travelling within the national speed limit, Adam was unable to stop in time before coming into contact with the vehicle as it moved out across his carriageway. Adam braked as heavily as he could and attempted to take evasive action by steering round the back of the vehicle, but clipped the rear of the trailer and was thrown from his motorcycle sustaining severe injury.

The incident, in September 2012, caused Adam to break his left thumb and every finger in his right hand. He required extensive surgery to insert metal pins in each finger and was left without any use of his hands for two and half months relying on the care of his mother. He couldn’t return to work for six months.

Just days after being released from hospital, Adam knocked on the door of Motorcycle Law Scotland’s Peebles offices.

Adam had seen Motorcycle Law Scotland’s stand at the motorcycle show at Ingliston and knew we had an office in Peebles.

Adam was immediately impressed with the professionalism shown from the very first meeting. It was also clear to him that Brenda had a very good practical understanding of motorcycle dynamics and control and would be able to present his case as a true motorcycling expert Lawyer.

“Being a motorcyclist, I knew that Brenda would understand what had happened and would be able to piece things together. I had a good witness who was sitting about to exit from Glentress at the time I passed by. I was trying to gain eye contact with him to ensure he had seen me and once I had passed and looked up I saw the 4x4 and trailer in the middle of the road. I tried to avoid it but it was not moving and unfortunately I just clipped the back of it.

Entrance/exit to Glentress Forest Trails“Following the accident, the worst thing for me was being stuck at home, not able to work and not able to do anything for myself.

“Brenda was always able to provide support when I needed it most and explained the claims process very clearly to me.

“In the run up to the Court case, I was feeling really nervous. However, I met with Brenda and Steve Love, my Counsel, was also a motorcyclist and they explained the process and what would happen. They helped put me at ease, ensured that I was well prepared and gave me confidence and reassurance.

“When we finally got a favourable decision from the Judge, Lady Stacey, just 4 weeks after the trial, I was over the moon. I was delighted that after 2 years, I was at last able to put things behind me and move on with my life. It was a huge relief. I am greatly indebted to Brenda, Steve and the other experts who helped with my case.”

Lady Stacey awarded Adam the full amount of the agreed damages and placed liability for the collision upon the car driver. She was not convinced that Adam had acted wrongly or had contributed to causing the collision.

Adam’s motorbike was written off in the incident and he is awaiting further surgery in the next few weeks to finally remove the pins from his hands.

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