Disillusioned with Panel Solicitor after rear end shunt.

James Masson Collision Locus

Hit from behind

In August 2015, James was involved in a serious motorcycle incident near Fraserburgh on the A98. He was riding his Yamaha R6 motorcycle that he had only just bought 11 days before. He was stationary at temporary traffic lights with both feet on the ground when a car crashed into him from behind. James sustained multiple injuries including a shoulder dislocation fracture, fractures to his right hand and fractures in his spine.

Panel Solicitor is sacked

James’ insurance company put him in touch with their panel solicitors. Despite having suffered serious injuries, the panel solicitors never met with James to discuss his case in person and he felt that the process had not been adequately explained to him. Becoming increasingly disillusioned, James contacted Motorcycle Law Scotland in July 2017 after finding us online. A face to face meeting is always a good starting point, so Brenda Mitchell travelled to Aberdeen to meet with James, explain the process and discuss his injuries and loss in detail. As our new Aberdeen Office opened in May 2018, Roz Boynton, Associate Solicitor, continued to provide local specialist representation to James.

MIB and Uninsured Drivers Scheme

As the driver of the car that caused the incident had been uninsured, we were able to raise a court case against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) whose Uninsured Driver’s Scheme provides compensation to those injured by uninsured drivers. Whilst the MIB initially valued the case at £30,000, after extensive negotiations we were able to secure settlement at £45,000.

‚Ä®James was delighted with the outcome and commented “Sterling job by you and your team. However, I did have faith in you guys doing a grand job.”

Specialist Motorcycle Lawyer

This case highlights the importance of instructing a specialist motorcycle lawyer as soon as possible.

It is always your choice, you are not obliged to accept the representation of the panel solicitors appointed by your motor insurers despite what they might tell you.

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