The Importance of Wearing Full Protective Clothing

Collision Locus - Crown Street Aberdeen

A motorcycle mechanic was involved in a motorcycle accident in October 2014. He was riding a Triumph Daytona 955 when the collision happened.

As he travelled north on Crown Street, Aberdeen, a car pulled out from the junction on his right. Clearly, the motorcyclist had right of way and the driver just didn’t look.

At the scene, the paramedics cut the motorcyclist's jacket from him and removed his gloves to assess the extent of his injuries. He was then taken by ambulance to hospital where he had several x-rays that thankfully ruled out any broken bones. In all probability, his protective kit saved him from more serious injury.

Through our relationship with motorcycle Dealers in the North East who know of our specialist service, we were able to help this unfortunate motorcyclist get back on the road to recovery.

Initially we negotiated an early interim payment to cover the cost of his replacement kit and helmet. After he recovered from his injuries, including soft tissue injuries to his foot, hip, chest, lower back and right arm, we instructed an independent medical Consultant to assess the injuries and provide a report. We asked for settlement proposals and an offer was made of £3775.00. This was over and above the money he received for his damaged kit.

The motorcyclist was delighted with the offer and with the service provided by Motorcycle Law Scotland, describing us as ‘first class’. The case was settled within 7 months as by then he had made a full recovery allowing him to return to racing bikes, one of his many hobbies.

There is no doubt the driver was negligent. The motorcyclist was there to be seen. Thankfully, good quality kit saved this motorcyclist from more serious injury.

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