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Map of Aberdeen - Greyhope Road

Michael sustained a nasty injury to his left foot after losing control of his motorcycle on 16th July 2013.

That afternoon, he left his grandparents’ house and took the scenic route home around Greyhope Road heading back into Aberdeen.

Unfortunately, the road had recently been jet patched. There were no signs and the road hadn’t been swept to clear patches of loose gravel. Michael hit the gravel whilst riding within the speed limit.Greyhope Road - No Signage

The Police attended the accident scene and they too noticed a distinct lack of signage. Believing the accident had been caused by negligence on the part of Aberdeen City Council, Michael sought advice from a leading personal injury firm who advertised they specialised in motorcycle accident claims. However, he was left disappointed when, after 2 years, his case was turned down.

Michael instructed Motorcycle Law Scotland for a second opinion and, without hesitation, we took his case on. The case was not straightforward but thorough investigation revealed the signage had indeed been inappropriate, the jet patching operation had created loose gravel which ACC was obliged to sweep clean. No records were found of such sweeping and the only sign we could find in place was one lying on the grass verge.

A medical report was instructed and this report highlighted the serious nature of the Michael’s injury.

Proceedings were raised in Court and shortly before the pre-trial meeting, Michael was offered £18,750 in settlement.

In accepting the offer, Michael was ecstatic. He had thought the prospects of success were poor because a “specialist” firm had previously turned down his case. However, Motorcycle Law Scotland got a result because of our knowledge and tenacity.

The difference at Motorcycle Law Scotland is we are motorcyclists and bring that experience to our investigations. We don’t just make a difference we are the difference.

Michael had this to say:

“Thank you so much for everything you have done, it’s great getting the win and I am absolutely delighted.”

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