Accidents fall broadly into four types:


You are involved in a collision with another vehicle and are shown to be at fault.


You are involved in a collision with another vehicle and are shown not to be at fault.


You are involved in a collision and part fault rests with you and part fault rests with the other driver.


You lose traction on a road surface defect such as ice, diesel spill, loose chippings and cause damage either to your vehicle or someone else's


Nobody wants to be involved in an accident, however, should the worst occur, these guidelines can help.

  • Although there is no legal obligation to carry documents, it makes sense to carry a photocopy of your insurance document and driving licence in a water proof cover.
  • The police can check that you have an MOT via the new DVLA system
  • A road tax disc should be on the vehicle as a matter of law.
  • If you have any medical conditions which may stop you complying with police procedure, e.g. inability to produce sufficient breath for a breath test, carry a copy of a doctors letter with you.
  • Carry a small notebook l to take notes or make a sketch of what happened.
  • Personal details such as full name, address, blood group, allergies and an emergency number e.g. next of kin or legal professional, in a prominent or easily accessible place. If you have to be hospitalised, quick access to this information by emergency services could save your life.

TIP: Always take your phone with you on a motorcycle journey as it can be used to take notes, gather information, photograph a road surface defect or accident scene and most importantly will enable you to swiftly contact the Emergency Services.

Carry a first aid kit for either yourself or anyone else injured at the scene.


If you are capable of doing so, the following check-list should be followed. If incapacitated, ask someone else to help you.

  • Names and addresses of all other riders or drivers involved in the accident.
  • Insurance details of all other drivers or riders involved.
  • As a minimum get the registration number of the other vehicle(s) involved.
  • We have prepared further information on what to do at the scene of an accident here and if you want to be prepared in case it ever happens to you, then Register FREE for MLS Legal Expense Protection.