All vehicles used on public roads in the UK, and their drivers must have certain documents. Although there is no legal obligation to carry these documents, they may have to be produced on demand.


Road Traffic Act 1988 s.47

  • All vehicles over 3 years old must hold an obligatory test certificate of road worthiness known as an MOT.

Drivers Licence

Road Traffic Act 1988 s.87 

  • All persons driving a vehicle in a public place must have a driving licence allowing them to drive that class of vehicle.
  • Motorcyclists should ensure that they have passed the relevant test for the size of vehicle they wish to ride.


Road Traffic Act 1988 s.143

  • All persons driving a vehicle in a public place must have at least third party insurance.

Road Tax (Vehicle Excise Duty)

Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994

  • All vehicles used or kept in a public place must display a valid excise duty disc.
  • The amount payable is given in Schedule 1; part II for motorcycles.

Log Book (V5C)

  • This form is issued with every vehicle registered with DVLA.
  • It shows certain important details about the vehicle and who the registered keeper is.


  • It is generally an offence to use a motor vehicle in a public place without having valid up to date versions of the above documents. 
  • Although there are defences available in certain instances, talk to your legal representative first.


  • The penalties for the above offences can be found on our Maximum Penalties page.