The Motor Cycle Silencer and Exhaust Systems Regulations 1995 incorporating Motorcycle Noise Act 1987 Euro Law: 78/1015/EEC(1) as amended by Council Directive 87/56/EEC(2) and Council Directive 89/235/EEC(3);

  • If you ride a motorcycle manufactured after 1st April 1983 in the UK, then the exhaust system attached to it must comply with the 1995 Regulations.
  • The law applies to both Exhaust System and Silencers.
  • It only applies to systems marked for road use.
  • All systems and silencers must conform to one of: 

                - BS AU 193/T2
                - BS AU 193a: 1990/T2
                - BS AU 193a: 1990/T3

OR their equivalent marking in another member state's marking system.

  • Non-conforming systems and silencers are marked: 

               - Not for road use
               - Pre-1985 motorcycle only

  • Pending European Legislation may make it illegal to change your exhaust system or silencer.


  • It is a non endorseable offence to ride with an illegal exhaust.
  • NB . Changing your exhaust system or silencer:

             - May invalidate your insurance policy depending on the terms.
             - Not notifying your insurer may invalidate the policy under its terms.
             - In the event of either the above happening, you can be charged with the far more serious offence of riding without a valid insurance policy.

  • Trying to change or obscuring the stamp from “not for road use” is a criminal offence.
  • Removing the baffle is technically changing the construction and usage of the original item which your insurance company may take a dim view of, depending on your policy terms and conditions, and invalidate your insurance.


  • Maximum £1,000.00 fine for having an illegal exhaust.
  • Further penalties may apply if you are convicted of a further offence for obscuring or changing the original stamp.