Albert Roberts

“When a car pulled out from a junction in front of me, my only option was to lie my Honda Pan European over. I acted as an air bag between my bike and the road and, as a result, injured my shoulder and my ankle – and my bike still sustained over £600 of damage.

“I contacted Motorcycle Law Scotland soon afterwards and, from day one, the service was excellent.

“When I’ve had dealings with lawyers in the past, I felt they were trying to tie me up in legal terms but Brenda Mitchell, Motorcycle Law Scotland’s specialist lawyer, explained everything in layman’s language. She was also very approachable and explained she was on the end of the telephone if I needed to talk to her and, if she wasn’t there, she’d call me right back, which she always did – and she also responded very promptly to my emails. Full credit for communication!

“I was much more confident about winning my case after speaking to Brenda, especially when she explained that, as well as specialising in motorcycle accidents, she’s also a motorcyclist. She was only too aware of the injuries that could be caused in an accident like mine – and also the excuses the other party’s legal team would come up with.

“I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 17 years old and I’ve always thought that, with the insurance industry, motorcyclists come second best. It was good to have someone on my side who champions motorcycling and motorcyclists.

“As my case proceeded, Motorcycle Law Scotland handled everything very competently and, following two or three stern letters from Brenda, the other party’s legal team finally admitted liability. They disputed the amount we’d claimed for my personal injuries and the damage to my bike but, in the end, they settled at the pre-court hearing.

“I was very pleased with the outcome – and I was extremely impressed by the service provided by Motorcycle Law Scotland."