Cal Culross

I was the victim of a hit and run on my motorbike just a week before Christmas.

I was going round a roundabout and had already straightened up for my exit when a car failed to give way and I smashed into the side of it.

When my insurance refused to do anything, I felt at a total loss but fortunately someone recommended to me Motorcycle Law Scotland.

The damage to my bike, in my opinion, wasn't major and my injuries were just cuts, bruises and a dented ego.

I said to myself, "is it even worth bothering them?" The answer in short was YES! I contacted them and swiftly they created a case.

Roz, based in their Aberdeen office, was assigned to my case. She was amazing. She dealt with the MIB for me on my behalf and kept me updated at every stage, giving me advice that I never would've known myself. She was very friendly and very approachable - almost like a friend but also very professional and knew exactly what she was doing.

In the end, approximately 3-4 months after the accident, we settled for 3 times the amount I'd expected to get, all with minimal input from myself.

With the accident being a 'hit and run' I was only able to claim for my injuries and was told to expect around £1,000 which I thought was more than fair. We settled for £3,000 in the end!

It is also important to note that MLS have probably the lowest fee rate which I have ever seen from any law firm. It's clear from the start they care more about you than the money.

A huge thanks to Roz in particular but also to the whole team at MLS. I will miss dealing with you guys! Thank you for bringing me to a result at a time where I had initially felt hopeless.

If you go with Motorcycle Law Scotland, rest assured that they will have your back. Who better to look out for you than another biker who also know the law!

Thanks again everyone, regards Cal