Chris Turpin

I had an accident in December of 2016, and the company that my insurance company appointed me, were digging their heels and getting nowhere.

I had a friend who also had an accident around the same time, a little worse than myself, however, he told me about this company, and gave me the email address and phone number.

I thought I would give them a try, and wow. What a quick service. I had waited 18 months with the old company that was dealing with my claim, and they hadn't even got to the offers stage, and MLS took it on, and within 8 - 9 months, settled my claim!!

I would like to thank Jodi Gordon for her diligent work with the case, and for everyone at the office in Edinburgh.

If anyone has had an unfortunate motorbike accident, then I highly recommend this firm to take on your claim! Thank you, folks, again!