Daniel Goldie

I was turning left at a mini-roundabout on my Yamaha R1, my pride and joy, when a car flew out in front of me. I hit the car and went over the bonnet, suffering a nasty groin injury, damaging my left elbow and right shoulder and wrecking my bike.

I’d not done anything wrong and, when I contacted my insurance company, they said they’d deal with my claim.

My injuries had prevented me from taking up the offer of a job and my bike had been written off so I reckoned I had to be entitled to compensation – but, several months later, I’d still not heard anything from my insurance company.

I was at Saltire Suzuki one day when I spotted a flyer for Motorcycle Law Scotland.

The salesman told me that Brenda Mitchell of MLS was the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Scotland – and, having witnessed her in action, I’d definitely agree!

I phoned Brenda, who agreed to take on my case. Until I talked to Brenda, because of the lack of action from my insurance company, I didn’t think I stood a chance of receiving motorcycle accident compensation but, almost immediately, I started getting letters and phonecalls from MLS updating me on what was happening.

The other party was insisting I’d "appeared from nowhere" and had been going too fast, However, I knew I’d been well under the limit as the speed bumps on that road are vicious. So Brenda arranged for an expert witness, John Macdonald, a highly-experienced motorcyclist, to provide a report and, when the case ended up in court, to also testify on my behalf.

In his expert testimony, John explained that he’d ridden the road on a similar motorcycle at 30mph and, on account of the speed bumps, had struggled to stay on. He also successfully countered the other party’s claim that I’d appeared from nowhere.

The case was found in my favour and I received a very good settlement, which enabled me to sign up for a personal trainer course. I now have a job lined up at a gym and I’ve also got a new bike – another R1, of course.

I’m very happy with the service provided by MLS. And, as a biker, it made such a difference to me that every member of the MLS team really knows about bikes.”