David Campbell

David Campbell's motorbikes

"I was involved in a motorcycle crash in January 2016 when a van pulled out of a yard onto a main road right in front of me leaving no time for me to react.

The injuries sustained were fairly serious which resulted in a long recovery.

Due to this, I lost my full time job and had no hope of getting better as the NHS somehow missed my injuries and refused to operate.

I had legal cover on my insurance and the Lawyers I was provided with were pretty useless so I decided to swap over to Motorcycle Law Scotland (Brenda Mitchell).

Brenda was excellent from the get go and managed to secure private surgeries etc and interim payments.

After nearly 3 years, I am now back at work and feel like myself again (though still have lasting effects).

Brenda and her team really showed what a difference a good lawyer can make with my case with treatment, rehabilitation and compensation received.

I would highly recommend Motorcycle Law Scotland to anyone involved in a motorcycle crash and honestly couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I can’t imagine where I would be now had I stayed with the Lawyers provided, so thanks very much to the Motorcycle Law Scotland team for all of your help.

5/5 Excellent service.”

David Campbell