George Hampton

“In thirty-seven years of motorcycling, I have had a lot of highs and a few lows but nothing that could really prepare me for the accident that occurred at the end of October 2018.

Many good things came out of the accident; firstly, there was a restoration of my faith in human nature. I saw all the people trying to help me, Paramedics, Consultants, Anaesthetists even the off duty nurse whose name I never found out but appeared from nowhere with a blanket as I was lying in the road waiting on the ambulance.

The second thing was my family; it’s brought us all a little bit closer and has brought me new levels of admiration for my wife who not only had me to put up with me under her feet for 3 and a bit months, but also my eldest daughter who underwent back surgery at the same time.

In amongst all this pain and confusion, Motorcycle Law Scotland were the rock we held onto. The calm surefooted professionalism of Brenda and her team gave us the confidence to believe that things were going to work out. Foregoing my insurance company’s offer of a panel lawyer was a good decision.

The surgeon who operated on my main injury referred to the damage to my knee as “spectacular” and putting it back together as a “challenge”. Motorcycle Law rose to all the challenges and combined this with a frank and honest approach that I’m sure all bikers would appreciate.

The last thing to come out of all this was a very good settlement. Having gone through all this, you realise the settlement is not the be all and end all but without this team on my side I don’t think it could have been achieved and it was very welcome.

Finally, I hope it’s at least another 37 years before I need them again but if I do the first call I make will be MLS."

Graeme Hampton