Kevin Meldrum

Kevin Meldrum on motorcycleOn 2nd September 2014, I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident with a Fife council vehicle which crossed over a stop line hitting me side on. 
My injuries included a fractured pelvis, collapsed lung, internal bleeding, fluid discharge, 24 breaks to my rib cage, a broken hand and the loss of my lower left leg. 
I had known Brenda for a good while, so it was an easy choice to have her and Motorcycle Law look after my case. 
From day one, Brenda and the team were outstanding and so professional in their work. 
Brenda had so many specialists working on my case and with me. She arranged for all the necessary equipment to be put into my home making getting around a lot easier with my new disability. 
Trials were put in place for me to test the latest robotic limb, which took place at the FA England football training ground, St. Georges Park.EmPOWER BiOM Limb 
These were a great success and the limb is one of the most advanced pieces of prosthetics on the market today. 
Brenda and Associate Solicitor, Jodi Gordon, put together a fantastic team to work on my case.
Due to the complexity of my injuries, I was not able to return to work. Brenda ensured that interim payments were made on a regular basis by the third-party insurer to help manage my needs. This was a massive help to me as it ensured making bill payments were not a worry to me while the case was ongoing. It was decided the best way to deal with my case was to separate my overall claim into two separate parts. The first court appearance would be to deal with things such as loss of earnings, medical needs etc. This was agreed and a settlement figure proposed by the other party and duly accepted. The second part of my case was the costing for the new robotic limb. The third party was against this and instead wanted me to trial a different limb. These trials were carried out in Glasgow and after several months we were ready to go back into Court. 

During this time, Brenda had appointed a new Advocate to take on my case as she wanted the best team possible. She and her team were certainly the best. At the end of 2017, my case was taken back into court and we were more prepared than I could ever have imagined. Brenda had prepared so many reports from various specialists such as prosthetics experts, police reports including video and photography shots of the accident scene and many other reports. 
For me, Brenda and her team made this as effortless a process as you could ever wish for. She and her team were professional throughout the entire case. My case was won and the other party made a substantial payment offer which was accepted. 
Not only was I surprised by the offer but I later discovered it was the highest value ‘prosthetic’ case Brenda and Motorcycle Law had been involved with. This just goes to show how outstanding she is in the work she does. I cannot thank you Brenda, and all connected with my case, enough for all you have done for me and I will always recommend Motorcycle Law Scotland first and foremost to anyone else who need your help.


Kevin Meldrum and his trike