Lee Barron

Lee Barron

If you are ever involved in a motorbike accident and don't know what to do next or who to turn to, do not hesitate to contact Brenda Mitchell and her team at Motorcycle Law Scotland.

Brenda is an expert in motorcycle law and a highly experienced motorcycle rider herself.

She will visit you and find out every last detail of your accident. If she believes there is a claim she will back you up 100% of the way.

If you need post medical treatment or physiotherapy after your accident, Brenda will arrange the very best available for you as she works on your case.

Brenda and the team will keep you informed every step of the way as they work on your claim.

I know all this because I myself was involved in a motorbike accident. When I first contacted my insurance company, they left me less than impressed with their advice and choice of lawyers.

That's when I came across Motorcycle Law Scotland and Brenda. They found me first class physiotherapy treatment and I spoke with the best people in the business when it came to talking about the injuries I sustained.

When the case was settled, I was extremely happy with the outcome.

Brenda and her team are highly professional people and will back you all the way until they are happy they have the best outcome.

I would highly recommend Motorcycle Law Scotland.

Lee Barron