Lynnette Cloy

Hope_Michael_Lynnette_Thomas Cloy

I would like to thank Brenda, Jodi and all the team for all their help and hard work, fighting for compensation after my husband was killed in 2017. 

A driver pulled onto his side of the road doing a right turn and blocked my husband's path. The driver denied responsibility for nearly 2 years but last month he pleaded guilty after 4 days into the criminal trial. The evidence was all for my husband being an experienced, responsible rider/driver. The Defence were trying to say my husband was speeding and could possibly have made an emergency stop. This was not the case.

Brenda, Jodi and the team worked very hard to fight for compensation for myself and family but this was very difficult when we had no access to the collision investigation report. I had to sit through 4 days of the court case to find out what actually happened to my husband on that fateful day. I was told they couldn’t tell me what had happened as it could be prejudicial to the criminal trial .

Brenda and the team are trying to change the way this happens, so that no other family have to go through what myself and my family had to go through, not knowing anything for nearly 2 years. If the collision investigation report had been made available, we would have had more answers as to what happened and the civil case would have taken a different path. There would have been a lot less stress and anxiety.

Brenda and Jodi were very experienced/ knowledgeable in the way they handled our case and I could not have done it without them . They are always at the end of the phone or email or another member of the team would be of assistance.

MLS are very professional and I would recommend that anyone. However big or small your problem is, just give them a call as I’m 100% sure you won’t be disappointed.