Patrick Brogan

Patrick Brogan“Within a few days of appointing Brenda Mitchell as my legal representative, she’d made more progress than my previous solicitor had in months.

“I’d suffered multiple injuries in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t my fault. However, before I spoke to Brenda Mitchell, it looked highly probable I was going to lose my compensation claim, even though I’d been hit by a car travelling in the opposite direction which had turned directly in front of me without warning or any indication. Furthermore, the driver had left me for dead in the middle of the road. All the evidence should have supported my case, but the longer it dragged on, the more likely it seemed I was going to end up with nothing.

“The only witness statement completely contradicted my version of events, vital evidence was missing and the car driver was being represented by a top legal firm while the solicitor my insurance company had appointed was totally out of their depth. My case was falling to pieces – until Brenda became involved.

“Using her knowledge and expertise, Brenda completely rebuilt my case, leaving no stone unturned. She traced the girl who had found me lying in the middle of the road, and studied the photos my Dad had taken of the scene of the accident, of my bike and of the other vehicle involved. Both vehicles had disappeared within hours of the accident but my Dad systematically went round all the garages and scrap yards in the area until he found my bike and the car and took a selection of photos of each which clearly showed the damage that had been done during the accident.

“Brenda realised that these photographs were vital evidence in my case and shrewdly engaged the services of the most qualified accident investigator in the UK. Thanks to my Dad’s photos, the accident investigator was able to reconstruct the accident independently and without any prior knowledge of the case – and his findings matched my recollection of the accident exactly.

“Armed with this evidence, Brenda went back into negotiations with the other party’s representatives and, just as the case was due to be heard, they agreed to settle out of court. After some wrangling, we agreed on a six figure sum, which enabled me to start rebuilding my life.

“To me, this wasn’t just about the compensation. It was about getting some sort of justice – and Brenda understood this. With Brenda, winning a case is about much more than money. Brenda’s passionate about fighting miscarriages of justice which, combined with her knowledge, expertise and tenaciousness, made all the difference to my case.”