Scott Jones

“I went to Brenda Mitchell for legal advice after I was seriously injured when a van pulled out in front of my Kawasaki ZX9R. I suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung and my right elbow and right knee were so badly-damaged, they had to be held together with metal work and pins.

“My insurance company referred me to a lawyer so I could pursue compensation for the accident, which I knew wasn’t my fault. However, after a few months, nothing seemed to be happening and every time I called the lawyer, he made me feel my case wasn’t important or said he would call me back – then didn’t.

“After talking to a couple of my friends, I contacted Brenda Mitchell. Brenda told me straight away that I had a very good case and assured me that she would do everything she could to ensure I received the compensation she believed I was entitled to.

“Changing lawyers was quite simple – and I knew almost immediately that I’d made a good decision. Brenda was very professional but also very friendly and it really made a difference that she knew about motorbikes as I didn’t have to keep explaining the logistics of the crash. Brenda arranged for various investigations to be undertaken, including sending me to several medical specialists, who agreed that, in ten years, the injuries I’d sustained would mean I’d struggle to continue with my present job as a welder.

“Even with Brenda’s involvement, it still took time for the case to reach the courts but at least I knew progress was being made as Brenda contacted me regularly and kept me up-to-date with developments.

“In the end, I was awarded £180,000 in compensation, which was about twice what I’d hoped for. I would definitely recommend Brenda to other motorcyclists – she’s a very good person to have on your side.”