Vikki Halliday

"I first heard about Motorcycle Law Scotland a couple of years ago when I entered one of their competitions and won tickets to the British Superbikes at Knockhill.

While at Knockhill, I registered for Motorcycle Law Scotland’s free legal expense protection, which provides motorcyclists with specialist legal representation for personal injury following a road traffic collision.

I hoped I’d never need to call on their services but, last September, I was out for a run on my CBR600 when I ended up in a line of vehicles on a long, straight stretch of road. We were all travelling at about 40 miles per hour so, as the other side of the road was clear, I signalled to pull out. I passed the first car and was sitting alongside the next vehicle when the driver pulled out to overtake the truck in front without indicating or looking in his mirrors.

I moved as far onto the right hand side of the road as possible but when the Shogun dunted me on the left elbow, that was it. I slid down the road and my bike ended up in a ditch. Thankfully, I only suffered minor injuries but I was very angry, especially when the driver said he didn’t see me.

The next day, I called Motorcycle Law Scotland and spoke to Brenda Mitchell. My bike was a write-off, my leathers and helmet had been damaged and, by then, I was feeling the effects of whiplash, I had a sore shoulder and various bumps and bruises. Right from the start, Brenda was so efficient, so thorough and provided me with an extremely high level of service.

Brenda warned me that it would be a long process - and it was. However, I couldn’t have asked for more help, support or advice from Brenda and her team. Everyone at Motorcycle Law Scotland is extremely knowledgeable and totally dedicated to helping motorcyclists.

As a result of Motorcycle Law Scotland’s involvement, I was extremely happy with the payout I received for my bike, equipment and personal injuries.

Every motorcyclist in Scotland should register with Motorcycle Law Scotland just in case they ever need to call on the services of a first class lawyer who specialises in road traffic accidents involving motorcyclists."