For many injured motorcyclists, the provision of prompt specialist rehabilitation will help improve the outcome. Access to early intervention rehabilitation is crucial and at Motorcycle Law Scotland one of our top priorities is ensuring our clients have the support they need to improve their quality of life and regain independence. We fully subscribe to the Rehabilitation Code of Practice.

Purpose of the Rehabilitation Code

The purpose of the Rehabilitation Code is to provide a framework for personal injury claims within which claimant representatives and compensators can work together. This is with the aim of helping the injured claimant make the quickest possible recovery to restore them to the position they were pre-accident, if at all possible. The claimant's need for rehabilitation is addressed as a priority.

Collaborative approach

For those who have sustained complex injury, we work closely with insurance companies to appoint a case manager who will draft an Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) report. The case manager typically has a background in nursing or occupational therapy. The case manager will visit you at home and prepare a report with recommendations. Those recommendations will identify treatment options through the private sector when waiting lists on the NHS are lengthy. Frequently, adaptation to the home is required such as ramps, rails, specialist equipment and the installation of a wet room. There may also be a requirement for care provision.

Interim payments

Securing early interim payments to compensate for loss of income avoids anxiety over financial matters and enables the injured motorcyclist to concentrate on recovery.

At Motorcycle Law Scotland, we fully endorse the use of rehabilitation and early intervention in the compensation process so that the injured motorcyclist makes the best possible recovery. We recognise the importance of gaining both confidence and independence. Often, injuries are so severe that a return to pre-accident life is impossible but effective rehabilitation will give the injured party both choice and options for a brighter future.

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