What to do at the Scene of an Accident

Accidents happen. Stay calm. Don‘t admit fault. Try and remember the following steps (SCOP):

STOP at the scene if the accident has caused injury, or if there’s damage to a vehicle, property or street furniture (such as a street lamp). If possible, alert oncoming traffic.

CONTACT the police (999 from a landline or 112 from a mobile) if anyone is injured, the collision is causing a hazard or someone has left the scene without exchanging details.

OBTAIN the registration number of any vehicle(s) involved; the names and contact telephone numbers of all witnesses; the road number. 

 the scene of the accident and make a sketch of the accident scene, highlighting the point of the accident and including reference to the direction you were travelling in. Photograph any road surface defect that may have caused the accident.  

At a later stage you can:-

WRITE your own description of the accident, including as much information as possible (eg weather conditions, road conditions, direction of travel, street names, road numbers, skid marks, injuries and vehicle damage). Date this record and keep it for your own use. Do not provide this information to any other party.

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