MLS Webinar Series 2021

The MLS webinar series is made up of Zoom based presentations covering a whole range of different topics related to motorcycling collisions, compensation claims and Civil Law.

#1 Rural motorcycling collisions, case studies and case law.

#2 Road surface defects, case studies and case law.

#3 Motorcycling collisions at junctions using case studies and case law.

#4 Motorcycling collisions due to filtering using case studies and case law.

#5 Motorcycling collisions at roundabouts using case studies and case law.

#6 Complex injuries and rehabilitation

#7 Heads of claim -  slight to moderate injuries

#8 Insurers/Panel Solicitors and Accident Management Companies.

#1 Rural motorcycling collisions, case studies and case Law.

Brenda Mitchell, founder and Senior Partner at Motorcycle Law Scotland discusses the typical motorcycling related incidents which occur in a rural environment. These include incidents at junctions, due to speed, involving tractors/farm animals and a range of road surface defects such as mud on the road, reinstatement and surface dressing. She also answers a range of questions from the audience including the role of the Police at an RTC, advanced riding and Government incentives, use of webcam footage by the Police.

#2 Road surface defects, case studies and case law.

This is No #2 of 8 webinars looking at all aspects of motorcycling collisions, compensation and Civil Law. In this video, Roz Boynton, MLS's Aberdeen based Lawyer, talks about road surface defects as potential hazards for motorcyclists. She discusses a number of different cases where motorcyclists have come off their bikes and been injured due to potholes, surface dressing, localised chippings from jet patching and also diesel spills. She also provides answers to a wide range of questions posed by webinar attendees both before and during the webinar.

#3 Motorcycle collisions at junctions - case studies and case law.

In this 3rd of 8 webinars in the MLS Webinar Series, Thomas Mitchell, specialist motorcycling Lawyer and keen motorcyclist, takes a look at motorcycling collisions at junctions. Motorcyclists injured due to incidents occurring at or near junctions represent the largest percentage of personal injury cases we deal with. Thomas draws on some case studies of clients who have been represented by Motorcycle Law Scotland lawyers and explains in detail what happened and how and why we were successful. He also discusses case law namely, Hernandez v Acar, Harding v Hinchcliffe and Hamilton v O'Kane and Another to illustrate how the courts have viewed and apportioned blame to motorcyclist and/or driver respectively.

#4  Filtering motorcycling collisions through the ages - case law and case studies

Brenda Mitchell, founder and Senior Partner at MLS, takes a look at filtering decisions made in the Courts through the ages. She refers to the Highway Code, Motorcycle Road Craft and IAM advice on filtering. She uses an Aberdeen based case study to highlight how MLS will fight to ensure that motorcyclists are properly represented in these cases when presented with supportive evidence. Whilst filtering is perfecting legal, it can present a variety of dangers in different circumstances. So, if in doubt, don't do it.

#5 Motorcycling Collisions at roundabouts and the MIB

Roz Boynton, MLS Aberdeen based solicitor, takes a look at the common types of motorcycling incidents we see occurring at roundabouts. She discusses a number of case studies and case law and also talks about the MIB (Motor Insurers' Bureau) and their schemes for untraced and uninsured drivers/vehicles. Finally she deals with a number of questions from the viewers but is stumped by the question on Turbo roundabouts!

#6 Complex motorcycling injuries and rehabilitation

MLS founder and Senior Partner, Brenda Mitchell, covers complex motorcycling collisions and injuries. She discusses the range of different types of life-changing injuries and looks at the schedules of loss. She talks about the importance of rehabilitation and care management. To bring the discussion to life, Brenda is joined by ex client, Jimmy Millar, who suffered very serious injuries following a motorcycling collision. Together, they talk about his journey from the date of the incident to the present day.

#7 Heads of claim - slight to moderate injuries

Thomas Mitchell, MLS Solicitor and motorcyclist, discusses the various Heads of Claim which he considers for motorcyclists who have experienced slight to moderate injuries as a result of a road traffic collision on their motorcycle. He covers Solatium (Damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity), Financial losses (loss of earnings, treatment, medical expense), Services, Helmet and motorcycle clothing, Motorcycle repair.

#8 Insurers, Panel Solicitors and Accident Management Companies

Thomas Mitchell, Solicitor and motorcyclist, talks about motorcycle Insurers, Panel Solicitors and Accident Management Companies. What happens when your bike has been damaged? Who inspects it? Who writes it off? What's its value? What happens to your premium when the accident was not your fault? Who appoints a solicitor for your personal injury? All these questions are answered as well as many others.


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