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Background and rationale

Tracey Marsh, Maureen Rutherford and Jacqueline Dickson tragically lost their husbands in road traffic collisions on Scotland’s roads. All three men were experienced motorcyclists, but their lives were cut short because a motorist failed to 'take another look' at a junction. These were cases of ‘carelessness’ according to the courts which subsequently convicted the drivers. Tracey, Maureen and Jacqueline have now launched this #TAKEANOTHERLOOK campaign to urge drivers to look again at every junction.

As motorcyclists, we know that their experience is repeated time and time again. Evidence from both criminal and civil proceedings shows that many motorcyclists have met similar fates or suffered life changing injuries because of motorists' negligence. Despite this, the Scottish Government continues to put the emphasis on improving rider behaviour at the exclusion of all else.

According to Transport Scotland's Reported Road Casualties 2022 report, there were 467 motorcycle casualties, including 25 fatalities, that year: an increase of 2% on 2021.

It is evident that more needs to be done if the Scottish Government is to meet its own target of reducing motorcycle casualty numbers by 30% by 2030 and on behalf of the motorcycling community, we want to see a shift towards reminding motorists of their role and responsibility towards vulnerable road users. It's time the narrative and perception of motorcyclists changed.

We are calling for a new campaign to '#takeanotherlook’ at junctions, echoing the 'think bike' initiative of the 1970s that was aimed at increasing motorists’ awareness of motorcycles and reducing accidents caused by failure to spot them in time.

In developing this new campaign for today’s road conditions, we can ensure that all road users take extra care when approaching junctions and potentially save lives.

The loss of a husband, wife, partner, or friend is devastating, and we do not wish anyone else to suffer as Tracey, Maureen and Jacqueline have.

Please join us in urging the Scottish Government to take immediate action in protecting all our loved ones who ride motorcycles on Scotland's roads.

This campaign is supported by the following:


Motorcycle Law Scotland.

IAM RoadSmart.

BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation).

MAG (Motorcycle Action Group).

Biker Down Scotland.


Shiny Side Up Partnership (SSUP)

National Young Rider Forum (NYRF)

Sam Heughan

How you can help

1. Support the Campaign and Sign the Change.org petition.

Show your support and sign the campaign here

2. Pop a Leaflet on every car windowscreen in your neighbourhood.

This is where you can really make a difference and get the message acoss to motor vehicle drivers.

50,000 leaflets have been printed and distributed to motorcycle dealers and biker congregation points across Scotland. You should be able to find some at the following locations:-

Motorcycle Dealerships

Two Wheels Honda
Two Wheels Triumph
Edinburgh Harley Davidson
Motorrad Central Edinburgh
Kawasaki Edinburgh
Cupar Motorcycles
Kirkaldy Kawasaki
Saltire Motorcycles
Ducati Dundee
Ducati Glasgow
West Coast Harley Davidson
West Coast Triumph
Victor Devine
North Harbour Motorcycles
Ayr Motorcycle Centre
Jim Allan Motorcycles
Mitchells of Inverness
Mr Moto
Murray Motorcycles
Hollywood Service Station
Harry Fairbairn Inverness 

Biker Cafes/Congregation Points

The Bikers Cove
The Glen Cafe
The Green Welly
Hub 71

Alternatively, just download and print the leaflet here doublesided and you should be good to get out there leafleting.

3. Spread the word by downloading and using these assets across your social networks. 

These assets have been designed for use on Facebook, Instagram, X (formally Twitter) and Linkedin. View and download here.

4. Write to your MSP

Please find a draft letter which you can download and use to write to your MSP. It's quick and easy to do at https://www.writetothem.com/