Motorcycling Clubs

Motorcycling can often be more fun when done with a group of like minded friends. To this end, many different groups of people have formed various types of clubs.

 A list of Scottish based motorcycle clubs can be found here.


  • Different clubs have different joining criteria, for example, a club based around a certain make of motorcycle will normally require members to ride that make, or model, of motorcycle.
  • There is no primary legislation regarding motorcycle clubs, though they are obviously expected not to do anything unlawful.
  • Certain clubs may have their own internal codes of conduct. Some clubs may require membership dues.
  • If your club has an event, make sure you understand all the relevant responsibilities and liabilities.
  • Make sure you have insurance!

Motorcycle Law Scotland work closely with the Melville Motorcycle Club and Knockhill Motorcycle Sports Club who both organise and host rounds of the Scottish Motorcycle Championships. You will see our banners on the tyre walls around East Fortune.

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