Motorcycle Accident Case Law


Harding v Hinchclife (1964)
Powell v Moody (1966)
Clarke v Windchurch (1969)
Worsfold v Howie (1980)
Fagan v Jeffers (2005)
Davis v Schrogin (2006)
Woodham v Turner (2012)
Burton v Evitt (2011)
Jones v Lawton (2013)


Harding v Hinchcliffe (1964)
Powell v Hansen and Chin (2001)
Mackeldon v Hinton (2005)
Farley v Buckley (2007)
Heaton v Herzog (2008)
Hamilton v O’Kane and Another (2009)
Duncan v Walshe
Vincent Ringe v Eden Springs (UK) Ltd (2012)
Woodham v Turner 2012
Brooks v Burgess (1996)
Dowling v Dargue (1996)
Garston Warehousing Co v O F Smart (Liverpool) (1973)
Laws v Williams & Anor [2018] EWHC 1871 (QB) (18th July, 2018)

Leading & Following

Sharp v Avery (1938)
Smith v Harris (1939)
Thompson v Spedding (1973)
Clift v Hawes (1999)
Dorning v Personal Representatives of Paul Rigby (2007)
Lindsay v Lamb (2007)
Bellingham and Others v Todd (2011)


Hillman v Tompkins (1995)
Pell v Moseley (2003)
Shaw v Russell and Another (2004)
Morrison v Gardener (2005)
Davis v Schrogin (2006)
Ogden and Chadwick v Barber and Higgs (2008)
Beasley v Alexander (2012)


Ratter v Halcrow (2005)
Scott v Gavigan [2016] EWCA Civ 544

Drunk pedestrian runs out in front of motorcyclist, causing a collision.


Grace v Tanner (2003)

Rural Riding

Askey v Wood (2005)
John Mosier v Thomas Simpson (2001)
Arnot v Sprake (2001)
Whiteford v Kubas UAB (Court of Appeal Civil Division) 9th May 2012
Hardy v Walder (1984)
Russell v NFU Mutual (2014)


Bingham v Fuller (1997)
Waller v Levoi (1968)
Askey v Wood (2005)
Dale McFarlane v Barry Thain and James Campbell (2007)
Ringe v Eden Springs (UK) Ltd QBD 12/1/12
Hardy v Walder (1984)
Goad v Butcher [2011]
Collision between speeding motorcyclist and tractor that had cut a corner whilst turning.
McPherson v Smith & Ors [2018] EWHC 1433 (QB)

Misleading Signals

Wadsworth v Gillespie (1978)
Davis v Swinwood (2003)
Higgins v Johnson (2008)


Capps v Miller (1989)
Failure by a motorcyclist to fasten the chin strap of his crash helmet can amount to contributory negligence.

Amy Cockburn v MCE Insurance Company Limited 2019 SC EDIN 75
Motorcyclist and car collide at a corner on a country road. Both blame each for encroaching but there are no witnesses.


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