In some cases, you may need to hire a vehicle after an accident until your bike is repaired. The circumstances of your accident may dictate whether you have to pay initially, then look at reclaiming the cost.

Check with your insurer to see if they will cover this expense.

  • Some insurance policies have this either built in or as an optional extra.
  • Ask if the you are likely to be able to reclaim the expense.

Some insurance companies will allow a car as a replacement vehicle, ask about a motorbike.

If a replacement vehicle is forthcoming:

  • Check the duration of the period of hire – It may be for less time than it takes for your bike to be repaired or the claim to be settled.

            This can be a stumbling block; if your bike is going to take several months to repair or   your claim several years, it is unlikely a hire vehicle will be allowed for all that time.

  • Inspect the vehicle very carefully with the hire company, take pictures of any dents, scrapes and get their representative to countersign.
  • Ensure you understand all their terms and conditions:-

             Where vehicle must be parked.
             Type of acceptable lock (if a motorbike).
             Indemnification for parking tickets or FPNs.

It is likely to be the third parties insurer that you are insured under rather than your own, so ask for a copy of that policy and make sure you understand it fully.

Talk to your legal representative if you have any queries.