Module two of the Practical Motorcycle Test requires the rider to undergo an eyesight test.

  • When you apply for your licence you must notify the DVLA of any defect which affects your vision in either or both eyes, with the exceptions of long/short sight and colour blindness.
                 - This includes declaring laser surgery.

  • The test requires you to read either:
                 - A new style registration plate at a distance of 20metres
                 - An old style registration plate at a distance of 20.5metres

  • You get three attempts at doing this
                 - If you fail all three attempts, you automatically fail your driving licence test.

  • If you wear contact lenses or glasses during the test, the law says you must wear them at all times when in charge of a motorcycle in a public place. 


Being in charge of a motor vehicle in a public place with defective vision, or refusing to submit to an eyesight test, is an offence.

Road Traffic Act 1988 s.96 Riding with defective vision may invalidate your insurance policy leading to the more serious offence of riding without insurance.


  • For defective vision, maximum £1000 fine, 3 points endorsed on licence.

                         - Discretionary disqualification