Adam Cowie

“A year after my insurance company appointed a solicitor to deal with my claim for motorcycle accident compensation, I was no further forward.

“I’d been seriously injured when a car hit my Yamaha FZ6, which was written off. As I had legal cover as part of my motorcycle insurance, the day after the accident I contacted my insurance company, who referred me to a legal firm.

“The solicitor I spoke to was initially very helpful and hopeful of a good outcome. However, a few months down the line, nothing seemed to be happening and no-one appeared to be interested in my claim, which, having originally been handled by a partner in the firm, was now being looked after by a trainee solicitor.

“When I mentioned this to the manager of my local bike shop, he suggested I contact Brenda Mitchell at Motorcycle Law Scotland. I didn’t want to shake things up but the solicitor appointed by my insurance company was taking a very long time to do anything so I called Motorcycle Law Scotland and spoke to Brenda, who was very helpful and informative.

“After a meeting at Motorcycle Law Scotland’s Glasgow office, I gave Brenda the go-ahead to take over my case. From that moment, everything moved really quickly.

“Brenda kept me in the loop with what was happening with my case and emailed an update to me at least once a month. Whenever I spoke to Brenda, I felt she was genuinely interested in me and, because she’s also a motorcyclist, she understood what I was talking about when I described the accident, which had occurred when I was filtering.

“Eight months after my first phone call to Motorcycle Law Scotland, my claim was settled out of court. I was very pleased with the outcome – and very, very pleased with the service provided by Brenda and the other members of the Motorcycle Law Scotland team.

“I’d definitely recommend Motorcycle Law Scotland to other motorcyclists. I only wish I’d gone straight to Motorcycle Law Scotland instead of accepting the solicitor appointed by my insurance company – and never again will I accept legal cover when I renew my insurance cover.