Roger Anderson

“I knew from the start that Brenda Mitchell would do her very best for me and my instincts were proved correct when my claim for accident compensation was settled in my favour. Yet, only a year earlier, I’d been despairing of anything ever happening with my case.

“I’d submitted a claim for accident compensation after a car had pulled out in front of me on a country road and I went over the handlebars of my Suzuki GSXR 1000. Luckily, I wasn’t too badly hurt – especially as the car driver immediately left the scene – but, although nothing was broken, I still suffered neck and back injuries.

“As I had legal cover through my motorcycle insurance, my insurance company appointed a legal firm to handle my claim but, after two years, I felt the case was no further on. There was a three-year time limit but whenever I called to speak to the solicitor looking after my case, he was out.

“Then one of my friends told me about Brenda Mitchell, who he’d met through her interest in motorcycle racing. After chatting to Brenda, I decided to change solicitors and, from then on, everything was so different.

“Brenda called me regularly to explain what was happening with my case, she always answered or returned my calls and she arranged for me to be seen by various medical specialists. With Brenda, I always felt I was on the top of the pile and every time I spoke to her, I felt something else had been done to push matters forward.

“Almost a year after Brenda became my legal representative, the case was due to be heard in court. However, just before the court case began, the other side called a meeting, where they made a good offer, which Brenda advised me to accept. I was delighted – especially as I’d almost given up on any chances of receiving compensation before Brenda became involved.

“If anyone I know was injured while riding a motorcycle, Brenda is the only lawyer I would recommend. To Brenda, representing injured motorcyclists is much, much more than a job – Brenda is passionate about helping injured motorcyclists receive the compensation they’re entitled to.”