International Ride to Work Day

Ride To Work Day is an international campaign promoted in the UK by The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG). Motorcycle Law Scotland is also supporting the day.

It aims to advocate and support the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation. The goal is to provide information about the benefits of everyday utility riding to the public.

Motorcycles, as part of the transport mix, are a key contributor to a sustainable future of travel.

They also provide social, economic and environmental benefits in a world currently dominated by the car.

Large numbers of motorcyclists use their bikes predominantly for leisure then choose the car to commute. 

Leave your car in the garage or on the drive during the week, as well as the weekend, and contribute to reduced congestion for all road users.

As a result, you will reduce emissions and improve air quality in towns and cities. In addition, improved mental well-being for work forces and massive economic savings for the country are achievable. Not only that, as a rider you will have much more fun!

If you are one of those riders that commutes by car, consider riding to work. 

Don’t ride? Why not give it a go? You may be surprised by how much time and money you save. 

If you still want to stay in your car, please remember to look out for and give space to those that are riding.

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