Johnny Mac's Top 5 Tips

John Macdonald, Director at PROSCOT - multiple Scottish motorcycle racing champion and one of the UK's most highly qualified driving and motorcycle instructor shares his top 5 tips for motorcyclists post lockdown.

#TIP 1 - At Junctions

Approach with caution, observe and fully expect the unexpected. Plan and prepare for the what if? Don't assume you have priority. Always plan and prepare for a worst case scenario. A high number of accidents happen at junctions, particularly crossroads.

#TIP 2 - At Roundabouts…

Apply what I've just said at Junctions to Roundabouts. Additionally, you should look out and be aware of traffic not observing properly or giving way, giving misleading confusing signals or switching lanes without warning. Roundabouts can also have reduced adhesion particularly on wet days. Pay particular attention to drivers of large vehicles straddling lanes.

#TIP 3 - When Overtaking…

Assess the road fully ahead and behind you before committing to the overtake. Make sure your overtake is necessary and can be done safely and legally. Be fully aware of any near side and offside hazards which may present increased risk to you. Watch out and be prepared for the lead vehicle changing plans. Make sure you can overtake and return back to your side safely within one third of the overall distance you can see to be clear.

#TIP 4 - When Filtering…

Only filter if it will benefit you. Other vehicles might not be aware of your presence or expect you to be filtering. Ideally, you should look to filter on the offside of the lead vehicles. Vehicles may not expect you to filter on the nearside. Ideally, you should only filter past stationary vehicles. Moving vehicles can suddenly change lane, or turn or change direction. Make sure you have a safe space to return back to on your side of the road. Openings or breaks in the traffic may suggest junctions, or entrance exit points. Watch out for vehicles turning. Ideally filter no more than 10mph past other vehicles. Do not filter to the front of a queue, this can look aggressive and may intimidate or upset other drivers.

#TIP 5 Road Surfaces…

Scan and look out for changes in colour to the road surface. This could suggest a change in grip levels either for better or for worse. Reduce your speed, make a full assessment before committing. Remember, you are most at risk of skidding on poor surfaces when you are braking, accelerating or leaning. Never put your tyres where your eyes have not been.

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