One down, one to go

Rod Mitchell - Marketing DirectorYou may have seen our marketing director, Rod Mitchell, passed his IAM Roadsmart advanced motorcycle rider test earlier this week. A huge congratulations to him.

Rod and I joined BGAM last April; what an eye-opener that was!

For years we both thought we were competent enough riders and as neither had been in a collision, we just carried on taking the bikes out in March and tucking them away in October. Yes, we are seasonal bikers but there’s nothing wrong with that. It just means you’re a bit rusty in March and hate it when the nights draw in and the frost comes in October.

So, what difference has it made being an Associate with IAM?

I can honestly say it has taught us so much. It's all about observation, anticipation and planning. It's about smooth, controlled riding and being safe. In short, it’s a potential lifesaver.

John Macdonald, a Director of and a highly qualified motorbike trainer, once told me that a good rider never stops learning. So, when Rod appeared back at the office announcing he had passed his test, Andrew, our Senior Administrator, who is about to do his full access course, asked,"so, what does that mean?“ The modest reply from Rod was, “I’m hoping I'm a better rider than I was when I started as an Associate.”

So, now Rod’s an advanced rider, but in truth, he’s a much better rider than he was. I would encourage all riders to sign up for IAM Roadsmart's 'Skills for Life' advanced motorcycling training. The support from Observers, who volunteer their time for free, is fantastic and it’s a great way to meet like-minded motorcyclists, improve your skills and find out which cafes sell the best scones!

Watch this video to find out what Advanced Motorcycle rider training is all about.

Next up to sit their test will be me! Irrespective of the outcome, I still know I will be a better, safer rider.


Brenda on her motorcycle

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