Stuarts Top 5 Tips for Motorcyclists

Stuart West-Gray from Edinburgh motorcycle dealership,Two Wheels,provides his Top 5 Tips for motorcyclists post Covid-19 lockdown.

  • #Tip 1 - PAPERWORK - Is your bike MOT'd, insured, taxed?
  • #Tip 2 - YOUR GEAR - Does it still fit? 'All the gear, all the time.' Gloves, boots, trousers, jacket, helmet and Motorcycle Law Scotland face covering.
  • #Tip 3 - YOUR BIKE - Check your oil, battery, tyres, nuts and bolts. Get fresh fuel.
  • # Tip 4 - YOUR SKILLS - You will be rusty so take it easy. Book your Advanced Training ticket. Best investment you will ever make in you and your riding.
  • # Tip 5 - RIDE DEFENSIVELY - car drivers are not used to seeing bikers out there so always expect the unexpected.

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