Clearway Order for A82 trunk road

Map of A82 Clearway OrderMotorcycle Law Scotland welcomes the decision taken by the Scottish Ministers to enact a Clearway Order for the A82 trunk road running from Tyndrum to North Ballachulish. A Clearway Order prohibits vehicles from stopping at the side of the road. Its main purpose is to ensure the free flow of traffic. The order was first published in the Oban Times in December 2019 but has only recently come into force on 27th April 2021.

Before the order was passed, motorists frequently pulled in at the side of the road in order to appreciate the scenery. Many failed to appreciate traffic behind and the necessity to give plenty of warning. 

The A82 has been classed as one of the most dangerous roads in Scotland for motorcyclists. We have acted for many motorcyclists seriously injured through no fault of their own and there is a common theme. Drivers often fail to see an overtaking motorcyclist whilst turning right into a lay-by. Drivers emerging from lay-bys fail to see approaching motorcyclists.

Under the new order, no person without the permission of a Police Constable will have cause to stop their vehicle at any time on the length of road specified. The specified road is from Tyndrum to North Ballachulish running at a distance of around 53.85 kilometres. The Clearway Order does not apply to lay-bys or designated parking sites where road users may be able to safely stop and take a break from driving. You can still enjoy the scenery from these safe spaces. Any road user caught in contravention of the Clearway Order will be subject to a Police fine.

As restrictions are easing making travel possible once again, we know the A82 through Glencoe will be a top destination for many motorcyclists. As a reminder of the hazards that you may encounter, please have a look at the following video.

Watch for cars emerging from lay-bys, cars turning right and pedestrians crossing the road, especially at the waterfall corner.

Here’s to a Summer of safe riding and a less congested A82, thanks to the Clearway Order. 

Route Ambassadors - Rod and Brenda Mitchell

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